Directing Reel


10min - Canon 5D Markiii - 2014 - Sineroma & Ketchum Labs

An Afghan immigrant struggles at his dead end job as security guard in Los Angeles - until a life threatening encounter with two trespassers.. Starring: WASSIM NO'MANI, ENAYAT DELAWARY, MICHAEL LANHAM, ABIGAIL WILSON

New Filmmakers LA - Film Publicity


15min - super8 - 2007 - Sineroma

Two cosmonauts deal with the fact that they will never return home.  Starring Zack Bonnie and Catherine Kim.

Winner of Best Drama & Best Short Film at the Ivy Film Festival 2007

Black Dog

16min - RED - 2014 - Sineroma and Ketchum Labs

On their last adventure, best friends search for the urban legend of Black Dog. Starring Hector Bucio, Mercer Boffey, and Bella Dayne.

LA Shorts Fest 2014 - NYC Independent Film Fest 2014

anatomie des amoureux

3min - HD - 2009 - Commissioned by: Banana Republic, Vanity Fair, and Film Independent

A French girl reconnects with an old friend and realizes they are no longer a good fit. Starring Nicole Fantl and Adriano Aragon.


10min - Digital Video - 2007 - Sineroma

Two roommates wait for each other to come back home. Starring Berkley Gordon and John Bonner.